About us

The Wild Seed School exists to teach traditional medicines for modern pathologies.

Our founder Jasmyn Clift began the school as a response to frequent requests from people wishing to study traditional yet exacting herbal medicine. In medicine making we value mathematical precision using ethically-harvested, high-quality herbs.  This high standard we apply to our practice ensures medicines of the highest integrity; we’ve come to understand that this sets us apart.

Focus on making your own medicine

Our methodology is inspired from a desire to teach people to work in a passionate, nonjudgmental, client-centered way. We welcome a wide diversity of students, and take pride in offering them a robust arsenal of healing skills.

For students who seek out a deeper educational experience, we focus on teaching subject matter that should have been taught to them but often hasn’t yet — skills they’re going to need if they move forward with their own herbalism practice. We often have students who have studied herbs elsewhere and noticed that when they study with us, what we teach them is a useful adjunct to all they’ve learned elsewhere, no matter how much prior schooling they’ve had.

We are also one of the only school of our kind to operate a supervised clinic — a very rare and invaluable opportunity for students to gain confidence in practicing client-centred herbal medicine.


Rosa Spp.

Ripe rosehip ready for harvest

Photo by the talented Mimi Kamp

Ethical medicine making

We take very seriously teaching students how to be self-sufficient and highly ethical in the making of medicine, and in creating their own apothecary. This focus on students making their own medicine is uncommon, but we know that it is one of the most crucial components in achieving excellence.

We hold a deep reverence for nature! She is our greatest inspiration and also the source of our precious medicinal plants.

Our commitment to her is to ensure that the next generation of herbalists make the most of all the plants they harvest — for the sustainability of wild crafting and herbal plant use — and extract them as skillfully and as thoroughly as they possibly can.

All of our teachers have in common this experience:  we all have found there are skills we wish we had before we started out as herbalists. With this wisdom gleaned from our past, we at Wild Seed School are committed to generously sharing our knowledge..


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