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The Wild Seed School of Herbal Studies offers exceptional training in Western Herbalism.

Formerly the Salty Springs School of Herbal Studies, our curriculum is designed to provide students with the necessary skills to become practicing herbalists, whether they are pursuing a career in herbal medicine, or wish to be empowered to treat their families. Our teaching staff have been practicing in their respective areas of expertise for a minimum of 10 years.

Kevin teaching percolation at an outdoor gathering.
Beginners garbling in class.

A favourite component of the educational experience we offer is our advanced medicine making instruction. We provide an accurate hands-on approach to medicine-making that turns plants into potent and high quality herbal medicine which is consistent in its clinical application. Students are taught the importance of ethical wildcrafting and how to utilize plant medicines at their highest potential with as little impact to plant communities as possible.

The Wild Seed School of Herbal Studies holds yearly group wildcrafting and medicine making trips. Our teachers gather and prepare their own medicines for their clinical practices wherever possible, and believe wildcrafting is an important and beautiful aspect of herbalism.

If you love the plant world as much as we do, we hope to learn with you!

Saff, our awesome botany teacher.

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