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Cultivating Client-Centred Care Techniques

Exact dates to be announced: Fall 2021. Stay tuned!

This is a two-part virtual event on Zoom


As herbalists and other holistic practitioners, we are constantly fine-tuning our ability to be truly present with our clients, and to support them to make lasting changes in their lives. This requires a broad range of coaching and counselling skills that feel authentic to clients, and to us as health care providers.


This two-part course is designed for practitioners who would like to:

Day One (TBD
  • Deepen the ability to convey genuine empathy to clients, without being patronizing or belittling
  • Increase mindful self-awareness in session, and help clients increase self-awareness in their own lives
  • Remain humble, while being professional and skilled 
  • Cultivate safety and trust with clients from a trauma-informed perspective
Day Two (TBD)
  • Help clients locate inner resources and fortify their sense of self-efficacy
  • Assist clients to explore barriers to change, while also supporting goal setting and committed action in line with client values
  • Maintain and model healthy boundaries as a practitioner 

This course will be over zoom and will include a shareable powerpoint presentation as well as opportunities for guided large and small group exercises and discussions.

Teacher: Alex Schiebel

Note: This class is for advanced herbal students and /or healthcare practitioners. Not sure if that’s you? Contact us first.

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Alex Schiebel

Alex is an herbalist and soon-to-be registered clinical counsellor who is excited by the intersections of herbal practice and emotional healing. She is currently completing an MA in counselling at the University of Victoria, with a specific interest in personal and collective trauma, grief and loss, chronic pain, and healthy relationship building.

Alex is a graduate of the Wild Seed Intermediate and Advanced Programs, as well as the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism and the Innisfree Farm Student Clinic. Prior to returning to school, she worked for two years as a clinical herbalist at the BC Compassion Club Society Wellness Centre in Vancouver, a not-for-profit clinic that offers low-cost alternative health care.

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