The original herbal immersion experience!

From time immemorial, herbal apprenticeships have offered a traditional approach to hands-on learning.

Generally apprenticeships last one year, and consist of one or two set days per week. Start dates vary, but the summer is best as it’s always busiest, with much time spent in the garden. We generally have one or two apprentices at a time.

Apprentices are expected to be reliably hard workers, punctual, tidy, and clear in their goal to expand their herbal knowledge. We also like participants to be willing to do tasks we need done, while trusting we will do our best to offer a well rounded wealth of information.

We always begin cautiously with a trial period of four days. In this time we are all able to assess the fit. Apprenticeships are a little like family, except you get to choose your teachers and your participants!

We offer an immersion in:

  • Dispensing
  • Ethical wildcrafting
  • Herbal cultivation
  • Preparing multiple types of medicines from herbs

Financial & time commitment:

Apprentices pay $1000 and receive at least 33 days of instruction, spread over 12 months.

Apprenticeship prerequisites:

Preferential consideration is given to students who have completed our Intermediate Program – and individuals with some prior herbal training/experience, garden skills and an excellent work ethic.

How to apply:

There are currently no openings for new apprentices at WSSHS!

Contact us to receive notifications about future apprenticeship opportunities.

Philippa builds a box.

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Praise for WSSHS apprenticeships

“I had the pleasure of being Jasmyn and Kevin’s apprentice, from which my herbal learning greatly benefited. Working hands-on alongside such knowledgeable folks (and their most wise dog) was a learning experience that could never be simulated in an academic setting. Not only did I get to ask as many questions as I could come up with, I got to learn in-depth medicine making techniques, work with a wide variety of herbs growing in the garden, went wildcrafting, and had a door opened into a broader community of North American herbalists.”

P.J., Victoria, BC
Past apprentice at WSSHS

Photos of past apprenticeships