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Wound Care

4:30-7 pm Pacific time, June 2nd / 2021 | A virtual class on Zoom

Medicinal plants have been shown to be powerful tools for addressing wound care.

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Cultivating Client-Centred Care Techniques,

2-part course, exact dates to be announced: Fall 2021. Stay tuned!

Fine-tune your ability to be truly present with your clients, and to support them to make lasting changes in their lives.

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Upcoming Beginner Level Sessions

Wound Care

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2021, 4:30-7pm Pacific Time

This is a virtual event on Zoom

Medicinal plants have been shown to be powerful tools for addressing wound care.

PPE-wound-dressingDrawing from first hand experiences, working as herbalists at a mobile wound care clinic in West Oakland, CA, we will be discussing safe strategies for managing: 

  • abscesses
  • ulcerated lesions
  • fungal infections
  • injection-site wounds.
  • …and more!

We will also look at topical applications of powerful herbal remedies, harm reduction, and bandaging techniques. 

Wound care can be straight-forward or complex, depending on a number of factors including size of wound, severity, and the presence or risk of microbial infection.

In this class we will outline herbal actions that are supportive for healing, look at various types of wounds, and discuss specific plants and their ideal preparations. 

We will be sharing some real-life stories from Curbside Care Clinic, a mobile street-side pop up clinic, which serves vulnerable communities in West Oakland, CA.

This class will be appropriate for all herbal students except total beginners. 

Investment for this course:

$40 CAD

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Unfortunately, we are unable to offer scholarship for this course. 

Past Sessions

Beginner level
garlic flower in garder

Session 1: Household herbal first aid

Beginner level

Session 2: Medicinal herbs you want to grow by your back door

Beginner level

Session 3: Introduction to herbal strategies for common colds and flus

Beginner Level Recordings of Passed Sessions

Session 1: Household herbal first aid

Recording coming soon!
garlic flower in garder

Your kitchen cupboards hold a lot of surprisingly useful medicines!

We’ll cover common kitchen herbs and spices and their safe uses for first aid. You will never see your jars of herbs the same way you did before this informative class with our fun and knowledgeable instructor Maryann. 

Here are some of the secret ingredients you will learn about, for your herbal first aid success: ginger, cayenne, cloves, garlic, onion syrup, lemon, thyme, lavender oil, chamomile, peppermint, fennel, aloe vera.

 This class is perfect for beginner herbal students and cooking enthusiasts. 

Teacher: Maryann Abbs

Session 2: Medicinal herbs you want to grow by your back door

Recording coming soon!

Just in time for spring! Learn to grow and use a bounty of plants to safely help with headaches, anxiety, digestion, hot flashes, colds and flus.  

This class will cover growing and harvesting tips, as well as medicinal uses for an array of easy-to-grow medicinals. 

Feel empowered with your new found herbal cultivation skills. 

Some of the plant allies we will either introduce you to or deepen your relationship with (depending on your familiarity with them) are:

lemon balm, yarrow, catnip, chamomile, lavender, peppermint, feverfew, sage, thyme, garlic.

You will be able to pick the brain of Maryann Abbs, a skilled herbalist and gardener. 

This class is suitable for beginner herbal students and all gardeners.


Teacher: Maryann Abbs

Session 3: Introduction to herbal strategies for common colds and flus

Recording coming soon!

Many people‘s attention is focussed on immunity at this crucial time. We all want to know what we can do with natural remedies and lifestyle choices in order to promote it.

In this fascinating workshop, we will cover safe and effective ways that you can use herbal medicines to help keep yourself and your family healthy.

Stascha will share a description of some safe and very useful plants, with a long tradition of use in both promoting immunity and shortening the duration of illness. 

You will also be discussing the basics of what differentiates a cold from a flu, and how to approach them each so you can stay well.

This class level is for nearly-beginner or revisiting herbal enthusiasts. 

If you are a complete beginner, welcome to herbalism! We recommend you take at least one of the two previous WSSHS online classes, before attending this one. 

Teacher: Stascha Stahl


Maryann Abbs

Maryann is a wild harvester, herb grower, and clinical herbalist.  She holds a BSc in Biological Sciences as well as a diploma in Clinical Herbal Therapy (Dominion Herbal College).  She has also studied herbs with Michael Moore and Netta Zeberoff.  

She is one of the main teachers of Wild Seed School’s longer programs and is excited about bringing herbal teaching to zoom.

Stascha Stahl

Stascha is a community centered clinical herbalist, medicine maker, apothecarist, and educator practicing in Chochenyo Ohlone Territory so-called Oakland, California.

Stascha has been studying herbal medicine since 2006 and seeing clients in free or sliding scale clinics for the last 11 years. She prioritizes harm reduction and focuses on complex chronic conditions.

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