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Our beloved mentor, Michael Moore.

In honour of Michael Roland Shaw Moore

(January 9, 1941 – February 20, 2009)

He was a beloved herbalist who believed in whole plant medicines and promoted the use and understanding of local botanicals. He founded the South West School of Botanical Medicine where he became one of the greatest teachers and shapers of the revival of American Herbalism. He urged his students to become proficient herbalists, capable of understanding, recognizing, making and employing their own medicines. He also contributed immensely to our Western Materia Medica through the highly useful books he wrote, which shares his hands-on experiences as a scholar, herb trader and picker, ethnobotanist & clinician.

We hold Michael close to our hearts and thank him dearly for the wonderful knowledge he has left behind for us students and teachers to study & reference, here at the Wild Seed School of Herbal Studies