Jasmyn Clift

Jasmyn Clift is the founder, and a primary instructor at the Wild Seed School for Herbal Studies.

Students choose our program in part because of her extensive clinical experience and ethical approach to herbal medicine. In a lively and upbeat manner she trains students to use a client-centred approach and wise herbal protocol.

Jasmyn is also co-founder of the BC. Compassion Club Society Wellness Centre, a Vancouver based not for profit community health care centre that Offers low-cost/free alternative care. She has worked as a Clinical Herbalist since 1996, and specialises in long-term treatment for chronic conditions. Jasmyn is deeply committed to providing excellent quality medicine by wildcrafting and growing many of the herbs she finds the most useful.



Jasmyn Clift’s teachers include a wide variety of herbalists. She has studied with Michael Moore, Adam Seller, the Edward Bach Centre, James Green, Rosemary Gladstar, James Snow, and David Hoffman. Most of all she has learned from her clients and from the plants themselves.

Jasmyn’s happiest times at WSSHS are when an animal companion is dozing by her feet while she is teaching, and students are furiously scribbling notes about amazing herbal allies she is grateful to know.

Genus: Rosa Spp.

Summertime wild rose

Lovely photo by Mimi Kamp