Kevin Kunzler

Kevin is a co-founder, and a primary instructor at the Wild Seed School for Herbal Studies.

With a passion for self-sufficient pharmacy, Kevin Kunzler provides the comprehensive medicine making curriculum to the students at the Wild Seed School of Herbal Studies. Grinding herbs, measuring alcohol or honey, and decanting vinegar are par for the course while students are in Kevin’s classroom.

Maintaining reverence for the early days of the Eclectics, and incorporating some newer technologies, Kevin provides hundreds of high quality herbal medicines to practitioners in British Columbia, California, and Arizona. He spends two months of every year in the field identifying and harvesting throughout North America. When he is not making extracts of plants, Kevin can frequently be found with his nose in old herbal texts.

His excellence in medicine making is no match for his atrocios speling.

Herbal extractor

An indispensable tool in our herbal laboratory.