Resources & Links

Herbal Info — Schools, Clinics, Medicine & resources:

Michael Moore's Southwest School of Botanical Medicine

An amazing tome. Always look here first. They also offer distance learning courses on dvd.

Henriette Kress

She has painstakingly scanned in loads of old herbal texts.

Pacific School of Herbal Medicine

A herbal school in Oakland, Ca. The website has useful recipes and articles.

San Francisco Botanical Medicine Clinic

Good source for high quality medicine and herbal care with Joshua Muscat.

Altmed University Of Maryland

Useful for researching herb-drug interactions.

Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database

Unbiased, scientific clinical information on complementary, alternative, and integrative therapies.

Jonathan Treasure

Good site for info on drug-herb interactions and herb uses.


A great affordable source of ethical and organic essential oils.

Pacific Botanicals

Consistently high quality fresh and dry medicinal plants for extraction.

The Wilderness Living Project

The Wilderness Living Project offers wilderness skills classes throughout the year as well as a week long survival class in the Elaho Valley. Weaving, friction fire, tracking, navigation, plants as food and medicine, stone tools and so much more.

Sleep Help — solutions for sleep-disrupting side effects of cancer treatment

A site devoted to increasing sleep health awareness and wellness. We’ve been working on a resource all about how patients in treatment and remission can deal with the sleep-disrupting side effects of chemotherapy, steroids, and other treatments.

Pharmaceutical Information:

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Excellent philosophical theory and ethics, pertaining to healthcare.

This is the site most doctors and nurses use for drug and pathology info. Expensive to subscribe but very useful.

A free source of drug information.

A mesothelioma cancer resource.

Medicinal Seeds & Plants:

Richters Canadian

A nursery offering an extensive selection of culinary, medicinal, and aromatic herbs.

Horizon Herbs

Organically grown medicinal herb seed of echinacea, goldenseal and 400 other species of plants. Based in southern Oregon.

Acorus Restoration

Live plants native to the Prairie, including many medicinals. Canadian–based.

Lab equipment, glassware & other:

Richards Packaging

Assorted bottles and salve jars, located in Richmond, B.C.

Canadian Scientific

Source for graduated cylinders, percolation cones, etc. Phone 1-888-270-7466 Located in Richmond, B.C.

Milkweed Medicinal Seeds

Locally and sustainably grown seed, hand harvested and packaged with love… for the medicine of tomorrow!

Wildcrafting verbascum.