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Praise for Wild Seed School

For over five years I have attended classes at Wild Seed School, including the Intermediate, Advanced, Student Clinic, and Apprenticeship programs, as well as several weekend-long workshops.

I have learned so much from the teachers there and the vast amount of hands-on clinical experience they have. Their experience comes from a deep place of love and respect for the plants they use and the clients they see.

Attending the Wild Seed School of Herbal Studies has given me not only the knowledge and skills as an herbalist, but also the confidence and ability to bring that knowledge to the work I do. It is an honor to be taught by such passionate and experienced teachers.

F.G., Vancouver, B.C.

I really liked WSSHS classes because they somehow managed to capture what is so beautiful (to me) about herbalism: a care and reverence for plants, animals, and the earth in general, compassion for people, an attention to scientific and medical detail without blind adherence to a pharmaceutical and capitalist model. I have a deep respect for how Jasmyn approaches herbal studies and learning from her was an honor.

S.S., Oakland, CA

Nowhere else on the West coast of Canada will you find teachers with so much direct client or medicine making experience, so the learning is direct and genuine. Also there is a great sense of community that grows around the classes.

PJ., Victoria, BC

This is the best herb school EVER. I’ve recommended it to interested peeps.

T.B., Vancouver, BC

I learned so much from Wild Seed School. The class was like an awakening into the self-sufficient world of herbal medicine. Every step was a wonderful ingredient in the recipe of self-care. Everyone would benefit from re-learning their own herbal wisdom.

R.O., Salt Spring, BC

I’ m so glad I decided to study with the Wild Seed School. Jasmyn and Kevin, along with a wonderful group of guest teachers, are clearly so passionate about what they do, which was reflected in the diverse and in depth instruction. I finished the 9 month course feeling like I have a very solid foundation in herbal medicine, which I look forward to expanding upon in my future nursing practice.

G.P., Prince George, BC

I have so much appreciation for my experience learning plant medicine with Wild Seed. Jasmyn, Kevin, Maryann, and their guest teachers offer a wealth of knowledge grounded in extensive experience working with herbs, making medicine, wildcrafting, consulting with patients in a clinical setting, and learning with respected herbal mentors. Taking their classes has been an entry way into a community of herbalists with a strong ethic and commitment to the preservation of herbal knowledge and practice, and of the plants themselves.

KiH, Finn Slough, BC

I appreciated that Jasmyn had an extensive Materia Medica but hugely focused on local plants. That all the plants that she taught us about, she had her own personal relationship with. And that she taught us through stories, so that we could grasp and create a relationship with those plants but still learn the different properties, uses, doses and contraindications. The program was unique in the way that the teachers were able to teach students to meet clients at where they were at in life and not pass judgement over lifestyle, personal choices, coping mechanisms. To use harm reduction as a lens to work under.

D.R.R. Guelph, Ont.

One of the outstanding parts of my experience with the Wild Seed School was having the privilege to learn from a teacher with so many years of solid clinical experience and hands on wildcrafting behind her. I felt that I was truly learning from a well of practical experiential knowledge, not just someone regurgitating books that they had read. As well, I appreciated that all the clinical and science based study was balanced by a deep love for plants, and a respectful, inclusive teaching style.

MJ., Denman Island, BC

I’ve been reflecting on the time I got to spend learning in the clinic and classroom with you and Maryann and Kevin and my classmates and continue to feel so appreciative and grateful for that experience. I learned so much! Definitely worth all the logistics.

M.S., Olympia, WA


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